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Nominations Period Opened October 21, 2013
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Voting opens November 11th and runs until December 16th! The date has been extended due to a server issue.
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    Voting runs from November 11 to December 8.
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    The process is simple:

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    Our goal for the Awards is to create a forum for sharing your favourites with friends, family, and the community at large, rather than simply a competition of who could drive the most voters to their profile. So this year, we are making a few changes, including starting the voting period closer to the end of the year so it is more of a Year in Review process.

    Changes in categories

    Some categories will disappear and new one are being added. The most notable addition is the new My Favourite Find of the Year - which spans the other categories, including both products and therapies. This category will not simply come down to one winner, instead, we are creating a list of the top ten "finds" that we will then write up and share with other media.

    Changes in rules

    Last year we instituted a new rule: in order for there to be a declared "winner" for a category, there must be at least five (5) nominees with a minimum of twenty-five (25) votes spread across the category. The purpose of this rule is to return the focus to sharing even within the framework of competition - voters will be more inclined to let other potential participants know -- plus it was awkward to declare "winners" in smaller towns where there were really only one or two possible participants.

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